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What we do

We will help you build a more valuable, more profitable, more robust advisory business.

At Compass, we are experts in our understanding of regulation rules and best practice.

We recognise that while certain core (standards) apply to all firms, advisory firms are all very different.

We will spend time to properly understand:

  • Your business plans, your current business model and what makes it successful
  • What processes you follow to ensure the right outcomes for clients
  • How you currently demonstrate adherence to regulation

Once we understand your business we will provide:

  • A bespoke compliance plan tailored to your business using efficient best practice to meet the Regulators objectives and to protect your business value from:
  1. Challenged outcomes from clients
  2. Action from the Regulator

The compliance support which will be right for your firm will depend ultimately on the size of your firm as the monitoring and supervision of your firm increases with the number of advisers in your firm.

During our initial risk assessment we may identify a number of areas which require additional attention; these areas are likely to be listed in the bespoke services document. The speed and priority of how any work to be carried out will be agreed with your firm along with how much the work may cost.